Über uns

Electrovek-steel is the largest steel company. Our offices and warehouses are located in Germany, Ukraine and Russia. The range includes stainless steel, nonferrous metals, nickel steel, refractory and rare metals and, of course, pipes. We try to be closer to the customer. Create virtual offices in the UK, USA and Poland, with direct telephone numbers for the convenience of our partners.

The company is constantly growing and developing. Increases range of warehouses, storage availability, staffing, and sales geography. We are proud of her. Exporting to include more than 20 countries on 3 continents.

We try to constantly improve, systematize and simplify workflows. Each delivery or internal reference should be made as well as possible. After all, the best advertising is satisfied customers, partners and suppliers. Also, we try to cooperate with the maximum number of companies and have only friends, not competitors.

The direction of seamless stainless steel pipes, alloy pipes and tubes from special metals we are trying to develop especially. Adjusted production of small-section of seamless stainless steel tubes. Industry production and storage of pipes, we will vigorously promote in the near future.

We plan to grow into the largest manufacturing and trading companies. This will be achieved by constant improvement of production, processing, introduction of new high-tech processes in the delivery and performance of staff.